Contractors working in utilities are among Enable Hire’s most frequent customers. That gives us a good understanding of your plant, tool and welfare facilities hire requirements, whether you’re deploying wind turbines in far-flung locations, installing EV charging points, working down in the city sewers or keeping the power flowing at a major sub-station.

We have immaculately maintained plant of all sizes, from the humble push roller through to large excavators and cherry pickers, supplied with or without an operator, as required. Our tool range is enormous, too: whether it’s lighting, safety equipment or power tools (or pumps, or storage, or communication equipment…you get the picture!), we’ve got it covered.

We’re also specialists in providing eco-friendly welfare for your workers: not only can all our vans and trailers run on HVO biofuel as well as ordinary white diesel, but we offer a very extensive range of vehicles with solar-powered hybrid generators. For the ultimate, there’s even a state-of-the-art ZERO CO2 hydrogen-powered towable welfare unit. Naturally, all our welfare units fully comply with the latest legislation: they’re a safe place for your workforce to warm up, dry off, and enjoy a cuppa.

With sustainability and reducing carbon emissions such key concerns in the utilities sector, Enable Hire offers a number of eco-friendly options in plant and tool hire. There are standalone hybrid solar gensets, energy-efficient LED site-lighting choices and you can even now ditch the diesel and switch to an EV telehandler.

We know that utilities projects can be complex and time-consuming, but at least your equipment rentals can be quick and easy. At Enable Hire, our focus is always on helping you get the job done.




Here are the answers to the questions that our customers most often ask.

  • We can use either low-carbon HVO or white diesel in all our tool and plant hire, according to your requirements.

  • Yes, we currently hold Silver FORS. Our number is: 009623.