Civil Engineering


At Enable Hire, we’re well aware of the huge variety of civils projects our customers are involved in and we have wide experience of supporting them. It’s because we understand just how much work you have to put in to see complex projects through to completion that we aim to keep things simple when it comes to tool and plant hire.

We have immaculately maintained plant of all sizes, from the humble push roller through to large excavators and cherry pickers, supplied with or without an operator, as required. Our tool range is enormous, too: whether it’s lighting, safety equipment or power tools (or pumps, or storage, or communication equipment…you get the picture!), we’ve got it covered. We have long experience in rail, so come to us when you need specialised rail equipment. And we’re also well-known for our expertise in providing welfare for your workers.

Sustainability and reducing carbon emissions are key concerns for many businesses delivering new infrastructure today, and naturally Enable Hire offers a number of low-carbon options in plant and tool hire. In fact, we’re acknowledged experts in eco-friendly welfare: not only can all our vans and trailers run on HVO biofuel as well as ordinary white diesel, but we offer a very extensive range of vehicles with solar-powered hybrid generators. For the ultimate, there’s even a state-of-the-art ZERO CO2 hydrogen-powered towable welfare unit.

So whether you’re working in a congested urban building site, a boggy field miles from anywhere, deep down underground or high among the skyscrapers, come to us for plant hire and welfare. Beavering away at a dam or landing a jumbo contract at the airport? You’ll find we have the perfect selection of specialised tools you need.



  • Plant & tools for challenging bridges project

    Enable Hire supplied all the plant, haulage and power tools needed for sister company Enable Infrastructure (formerly BCM Construction) to complete a challenging project on the A284 Lyminster Bypass scheme in West Sussex.

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  • Renewable energy farm supporting the railway

    Since rail is such an eco-friendly form of transport, it makes perfect sense for Enable Hire to provide an exciting and innovative low-carbon solution when supporting a rail improvement scheme.

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  • SECAmb

    During the darkest times of the Covid-19 pandemic, through Enable Hire, sister company Enable Welfare supplied welfare vans to an ambulance service to help reduce pressure on the NHS.

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Here are the answers to the questions that our customers most often ask.

  • The provision of essential facilities and amenities for the well-being and safety of the personnel working in civil engineering projects is referred to as civil engineering welfare hire. Civil engineering firms may ensure that their building sites maintain correct sanitation standards, provide comfortable rest places for workers, and give rapid medical assistance in the event of an emergency by outsourcing these welfare facilities to specialised organisations. Civil engineering welfare hire is essential in building a supportive and conducive working environment, which improves worker morale, productivity, and overall project success.

  • By providing access to state-of-the-art equipment and advanced technology, civil engineering welfare hire companies such as Enable Welfare enable engineers to perform their tasks more effectively. This leads to improved productivity and the ability to take on complex projects with confidence. Additionally, civil engineering hire services offer flexibility, allowing engineers to access specialised equipment or machinery as needed, without the burden of maintenance costs. This enables civil engineers to focus on their core expertise and project management, ultimately contributing to successful project outcomes.

  • Civil engineering welfare directly affects the health, safety, and well-being of the construction workers. By providing enough welfare facilities, such as clean and accessible portable toilets, handwashing stations, rest rooms, and first aid stations, workers are able to meet their personal needs and maintain proper hygiene during their shifts. Comfortable rest places help to reduce fatigue and boost worker morale, which leads to increased job performance. Access to first aid facilities is critical for protecting the health and safety of the workforce. Construction businesses demonstrate their dedication to the welfare of their workers by prioritising civil engineering welfare, promoting a pleasant work culture, and ultimately contributing to the overall success and quality of construction projects.

  • Welfare hire solutions will considerably help your civil engineering project by meeting your workforce’s essential demands, maintaining their well-being, and improving overall project efficiency. Having portable toilets and handwashing stations on-site encourages appropriate sanitation and hygiene, lowering the risk of sickness. Rest places with comfortable seating, lowers weariness and enhancing productivity. Drinking water facilities would keep your employees hydrated and engaged during the project. Proper waste management systems would help to keep the facility clean and environmentally responsible. By combining these welfare hire solutions, from Enable Welfare you can establish a welcoming and friendly working atmosphere, increasing worker morale and resulting in a successful and well-executed civil engineering project.