Contractors working at events are among Enable Hire’s most frequent customers. So while we understand that no two events are ever exactly the same, we are very familiar with all the typical requirements for plant, tool and welfare hire.

It doesn’t matter if your event is a graduation ceremony for 1,000 or a huge festival drawing 100,000 – or whether you’re the contractor setting it all up, or the security firm tasked with keeping everyone safe and secure: we can provide everything you need to make it run smoothly.

Need easy access? Come to us for scissor lifts and cherry pickers. Keen to keep the site secure? We can supply a call centre-connected CCTV tower. Power tools to help the crews working on the ground? From cordless drills to hedge cutters, we have it covered.

Where utilities are an issue, we can supply water bowsers and portable toilets. And, of course, no event can run without electricity: we offer generators in a range of sizes, as well as our Solar Pod hybrid power generator – an eco-friendly solution that also cuts down on noise and fuel consumption.

There are plenty of low-carbon options when it comes to welfare vans and units, too – in fact, we are acknowledged experts in environmentally friendly welfare. Every Enable Hire welfare unit provides a refuge away from the crowds ­– a safe place compliant with all current legislation, where your workers can recharge their own batteries, while our solar-panel equipped vans and units top up theirs. For the ultimate eco solution, there’s our quiet-running, hydrogen-powered ZERO CO2 welfare trailer. Welfare vans are great for smaller and shorter events, especially when access is tricky. For bigger and longer events, our welfare units can be used single-storey, or stacked to maximise capacity. Full site set-up, as well as cleaning, emptying and servicing are all available.

At Enable Hire, we aim to keep rentals simple, helping you run an event that is successful, enjoyable and, well, uneventful!




Here are the answers to the questions that our customers most often ask.

  • Welfare facilities at events are crucial for the satisfaction and positive experience of all attendees, as well as workers of the event. Access to clean and sufficient toilet trailers, handwashing stations, and drinking water aids in maintaining sanitary conditions. Proper welfare facilities also add to the safety and security of participants. Rest places and shade structures also provide relief from the physical strain of long event hours and inclement weather, improving guests’ overall comfort.

  • When planning your next festival, it is vital to have attendees comfort at the forefront, Sanitation stations and portable toilets are critical to meet the needs of a huge audience, plenty of drinking water to stay hydrated as well as shelter to protect guests from the sun or rain! First-aid stations are a must for responding quickly to any health problems and temporary lighting hire solutions are required for nighttime activities to assure safety. Depending on the festival facilities it may also be worth considering a power generator hire solution as well. Contact our team to find out which welfare hire solution would benefit your next festival or event.

  • Many welfare hire companies including Enable Welfare now offer eco-conscious welfare hire options. Such as eco hydrogen towable welfare units, with zero emissions and low demand power and heat. To lessen dependency on fossil fuels, some events make use of our renewable energy sources such as solar-powered lights and power generators. Many of our eco-friendly sustainable welfare hire solutions ae designed to minimise the impact of festivals and events on the environment.

  • Welfare hire ensures the comfort and well-being of festival goers and event workers by offering basic facilities such as clean and accessible portable toilets, handwashing stations, and drinking water stations. Welfare hire solutions create a positive and enjoyable environment by prioritising attendee welfare, resulting in higher levels of attendee satisfaction, and increased chances of repeat attendance, ultimately contributing to the overall success and reputation of the event or festival.