Dumper Truck Hire

At Enable Hire we provide both operated & non operated Dumper Truck Hire. Our plant is top quality & superbly maintained to ensure it is reliable. We can provided various sizes of dumper truck rentals as well as dumper driver hire. We deliver our dumpers trucks available for hire anywhere in the UK.

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Dumper Truck Hire FAQs

Here are the answers to the questions that our customers most often ask. If you would like more information about our services please contact us today.

  • A dumper truck is a vehicle made for moving loose materials like sand, gravel, mud, or building waste. It is frequently employed in the transportation, mining, and construction sectors. The ability of a dumper truck to unload its cargo by tilting or toppling the truck bed is its defining feature. In order to do this, hydraulic cylinders are used to elevate the truck bed front portion, allowing the cargo to exit through the tailboard at the back. The tipping mechanism makes it possible to efficiently and precisely discharge items where they are needed. At Enable Hire we have dumper trucks for hire available in a variety of sizes and combinations to meet diverse needs.

  • Various factors, including the specific laws and regulations of the nation or region where you wish to operate the dumper truck, will determine whether or not you are able to operate a one the road. Dumper trucks are often made for off-road use in the mining, construction, and related industries. However, under specific circumstances, some governments can permit limited use of dumper trucks on public roads. These prerequisites often include getting particular permissions or licences, fulfilling particular safety standards, and following predetermined routes and speed limits.

  • Determining the appropriate size of dumper truck for hire depends on several factors related to your specific project requirements.
    When enquire about a hiring a dumper truck for your project, you should take into consideration factors like volume and density of materials, accessibility and site conditions, the projects duration and many others. One major factor is to speak to a specialist like us, feel free to contact us today to discover more about dumper truck hire solutions and find the right one to suit you and your needs.

  • The cost to hire a dumper truck can depend on a multitude of factors. The duration of a project can be one of the main determinations of cost, the longer you need one, the more it will cost. Another factor to consider is the size of the dumper truck you need to acquire. Dumpers come in various sizes so it is something to take into consideration when hiring one. Other factors can include insurance and terms and conditions. To find out more about the costs to hire one of our dumper trucks, please contact us.