Roller Hire

At Enable Hire we provide ride on and push rollers for hire. Our plant is top quality & superbly maintained to ensure it is reliable. We deliver anywhere in the UK. Request a quote from one of our experts today to learn more about our roller hire options.

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Roller Hire FAQs

Here are the answers to the questions that our customers most often ask. If you would like more information about our services please contact us today.

  • At Enable Hire we provide ride-on rollers and push rollers for hire. Larger-scale projects and tasks that call for efficiency and speed make ride-on roller hire options ideal. They are perfect for highway construction, road construction, and larger surfaces areas. Push roller hire solutions are more manageable and compact, making them ideal for jobs requiring precision or smaller, more constrained places. The compaction of asphalt, soil, or gravel in places like driveways, footpaths, and residential construction projects frequently makes use of these rollers. Enable Hire offers both ride-on and push rollers, meeting a variety of compaction needs and enabling customers to select the ideal roller hire solution for their particular project needs.

  • The particular needs, requirements and deadlines of your project will determine whether to hire a ride-on roller or a push roller. A ride-on roller might be more appropriate if you are working on larger-scale projects that require considerable compaction across greater regions, such as roads, highways, or commercial construction. Ride-on rollers provide the operator with efficiency, speed, and comfort. On the other hand, a push roller is more efficient roller hire choice if your project involves smaller or more constrained locations, such as driveways, walks, or residential development. Push rollers are better for precision work in small spaces since they are more compact and manoeuvrable. To choose between a ride-on roller and a push roller hire options, consider the size of your project, the surface area to be compacted, and the degree of manoeuvrability needed. If you aren’t sure which roller hire option is best for you contact our expert plant hire team today.

  • Several advantages of hiring a roller on-site can help make construction work more productive and affordable. First off, hiring roller options give you the freedom to select the best kind of roller for your project’s needs, whether that’s a ride-on roller for bigger jobs or a push roller for tight spots. Hiring a roller from Enable Hire guarantees that the machinery is maintained and kept in top shape, minimising downtime and potential malfunctions. In addition, roller rental gives you access to the newest models and technological advancements, improving efficiency and production. Overall, renting rollers is a practical, economical, and trustworthy way to get good compaction results in a variety of building jobs.

  • Depending on the length of the rental, the location, and whether you choose to rent a push or ride-on roller, the price for hiring a roller from Enable Hire might vary considerably. Get a thorough quote to make sure you get the best roller hire option for your requirements at a fair price. In the end, renting a roller might be a cost-effective option for short-term tasks required on job sites like construction.