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Pump hire with Enable Hire is simple. Our team will provide you with expert advise on the best pump to hire from concrete pump hire to submersible pumps for hire. Request a quote, or call us today!

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Pump Hire FAQs

Here are the answers to the questions that our customers most often ask. If you would like more information about our services please contact us today.

  • The pumping capabilities of Enable hiring’s pump hiring solutions are efficient and effective because they can handle a range of materials. Concrete pumps are available for hiring and are specifically made to handle liquid concrete. They can deliver concrete precisely to the desired spot. These pumps can control the consistency and flow of concrete, resulting in a smooth and controlled placing. Enable Hire also provides submersible pumps, which can deal with a variety of fluids like water, wastewater, sludge, and other liquids. These submersible pumps are made for fluid transfer, drainage, and dewatering applications that are dependable and effective. Enable Hire’s pump hire solutions offer dependable pumping capabilities to satisfy the needs of various construction, infrastructure, and industrial projects, whether it be for concrete or other fluid materials.


  • In building projects, a concrete pump is a tool used to move liquid concrete from a mixing truck or hopper to the required position. It is made up of a pumping mechanism, a hopper, and a hydraulic system. The concrete mixture is first loaded into the hopper to start the process. via the use of a series of pistons and pressure created by the hydraulic system, concrete is forced via pipes or hoses. The concrete is driven by the force of the pump, reaching heights, distances, or places that could be challenging to access manually. Concrete pumps are adaptable and effective tools that enable accurate placement of concrete for a range of construction projects, including high-rise buildings, walls, floors, and foundations. They guarantee precise and consistent results while greatly reducing the labour and time needed for concrete placement.

  • A submersible pump, often referred to as a submersible fluid pump, is a kind of pump created to function while submerged in a liquid, most frequently water. The pumping action is produced by an impeller and hermetically sealed motor. Common uses for submersible pumps include dewatering building sites, draining flooded areas, pumping water from wells or reservoirs, and transferring liquids in industrial settings. They can handle massive amounts of fluid, work at various depths, and are extremely efficient and dependable. When water needs to be transported or removed from submerged or difficult-to-reach regions, submersible pumps are favoured because they provide ease, efficacy, and durability for fluid pumping needs.


  • For your project, selecting the best pump hire option necessitates careful consideration of a number of criteria. Assess the precise pumping needs of your project first, taking into account the kind of fluid, the intended flow rate, and the pressure. To be sure the selected pump can satisfy your needs, consider the volume and distance that needs to be pumped. Second, assess the site’s conditions, taking into account the topography, accessibility, and presence of power sources. This will assist in deciding if a diesel pump, electric pump, or submersible pump is most appropriate. If you have any queries, contact us today.