Trime T-Zero X-Solar Lighting Tower 8.5m Hire - Site Lighting Hire

Trime T-Zero X-Solar Lighting Tower 8.5m Hire

The Trime X-SOLAR lighting tower is an emission-free tower construction light hire that operates solely from solar and battery power, with energy-saving LED lamps. For contractors from the construction, rail, outside events and rental markets seeking carbon-neutral site lighting, then the X-SOLAR is the ideal construction lighting hire solution. The Trime X-SOLAR is another component in the Trime T-ZERO PRO range of low and zero-emission machinery.

General Technical specifications:

  • On/Off single switch for LED fixture
  • Multi-directionally adjustable by hands floodlights
  • 7 galvanized sections
  • Hydraulic raising system
  • Max height 8,5 meters
  • Noise level 0 dB
  • Simple, rugged machine design and layout
  • Galvanized metalwork after 80 μm industrial powder coated
  • Guided main coiled cable to avoid damage during tower operation
  • Certified wind stability up to 110 km/h
  • Assembled on a road tow trailer straight tow bar
  • 4 height adjustable stabilizers
  • Central lifting eye & back forklift pockets
  • 230V battery charger built in
  • Battery level clock placed on frontal panel

Remote Monitoring and Control specifications:

  • Victron Controller

Batteries technical specifications

  • 8 batteries
  • 24V DC 800Ah battery power pack
  • Battery life 48000 hours

Solar panel technical specifications:

  • 4 x 360W power
  • Victron
  • Solar panel charge control MPTT 150v/60v

Floodlights technical specifications:

  • high efficiency power 60W
  • IP65
  • 4pcs in total
  • Illuminated area 2400m²

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