JCB HM25 Hydraulic Breaker with Beaver Powerpack Hire - Petrol Power Tool Hire

JCB HM25 Hydraulic Breaker with Beaver Powerpack Hire

JCB HM25 Breaker

  • 1500 blows/min
  • Vibro damped handles which give
    amongst the lowest vibration levels
    of any equivalent breaker
  • Sealed hydraulic system resulting in low
    noise (no exhaust port) and elimination
    of freezing problems
  • Very robust cast steel construction for
    maximum strength and durability
  • High reliability and long service life,
    thanks to only having two moving parts
    and constant lubrication by hydraulic oil.

Beaver Powerpack

  • Lift up handle makes portability second to none
  • Adjustable hydraulic flow gives precision
    control of tools
  • Power-on-demand system that reduces
    off load engine speed to idle, giving reduced
    noise levels, less engine wear and lower
    fuel consumption
  • Swing open frame provides excellent
    maintenance access to engine and hydraulics
  • Unique suction circuit eliminates pulsation
    damage to cooler
  • Integral hose track prevents damage to hoses

Beaver Power Pack Brochure

Handheld Breaker Brochure