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Vibrating Plate Hire

The Ammann APF 1033 is the lightest and smallest of all Ammann Vibratory Plate Compactors, Its size makes it ideally suited to small jobsites and confined areas. This forward-moving plate compactor is often utilised by landscape contractors to reach hard-to-access spots and homeowners also use the AP 1033 because of its manageable size. The standard guide handle and its vibration isolation improve operator comfort. When the job is finished the compactor is small enough to fit in the trunk of a passenger car.

Technical Spec:

Max. Vibration frequency  100 Hz  6000 vpm
 Max. Centrifugal force  10,5 kN  2,4 lbf
 Working surface  0,11 m2  1,18 ft2
 Max. compaction depth *  10 cm  3,9 in