Cobra TT – Tamper/Breaker Hire - Petrol Power Tool Hire

Cobra TT – Tamper/Breaker Hire

The Cobra TT has been specially developed for tamping. An impact of 40 joules combined with hammer speed of 1620 blows/minute means improved efficiency and drastically reduced ballast pulverisation. Weighing only 25kg the Cobra TT is easy to move around and comes equipped with a new dampening system that virtually eliminates vibration. The 90cc two-stroke petrol driven engine meets the toughest emission limit regulations.

Technical Specs:
Length: 927mm
Depth: 331mm
Power Input: 1.2kW
Impact Energy: 40J at 1620 blows/min
Hammer Speed: 720 – 1620 blows/min
Total Weight: 25kg