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Vortok Fencing Hire

Standard Telescopic Safety Barrier: suitable for use on line speeds over 100mph at its 2m setting.  Approved for use on Network Rail and London Underground networks in both DC and non DC areas

Fixed Safety Barrier: 3-4 foot / 0.9-1.25m non-telescopic safety barrier – designed to clear a high ballast shoulder


  • Removes the need for a services scan prior to installation
  • Achieves significant cost savings: the rigid nature of the safety barrier allows for higher train running speeds
  • Removes the need for special tools
  • Removes the possibility of safety barrier blowing loose in high wind
  • Fully insulated for use in third rail areas
  • A worker caught the wrong side of the safety barrier can easily re-enter the safe zone


Fact file

  • 2002: won the Alstom Award for Innovation in Safety
  • Used all over the world including Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, South Africa and Australia
  • 2003: Amey Seco reported that the safety barrier had potentially saved a life (Great Western Project)
  • 2003: Network Rail and Amey Seco reported that the safety barrier had saved in the region of £1m during the Great Western Project