Fein KBH25-2 110V Core Drill Hire - ETE Equipment Hire

Fein KBH25-2 110V Core Drill Hire

Hand-guided 2-speed metal core drilling system for universal use of core drills and twist drills.

  • Work up to 6 times faster thanks to innovative drilling technology: 5 mm deep centre drilling at 1600 rpm followed by disconnection of the centre bit and automatic speed change to 520 rpm to achieve the optimum cutting speed for carbide core bits. With its specially developed cutting geometry, the carbide core bit completes the desired hole diameter with little effort on the user’s part.
  • Can be used with all standard metals and surfaces by adjusting the speed to the task in hand.
  • High level of safety thanks to torque slipping clutch. Protects the user in the event of overload by disconnecting the output side from the drive side.
  • Mechanical 2-speed gearbox with speeds of 0-1600 rpm for efficient twist drilling and clockwise/anti-clockwise operation for cutting threads up to M12.