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Cembre Battery Crimp B1350-CE Hire

The new 18V cordless Cembre B1350-CE battery operated crimping tool is suitable for the compression of lugs and connects between 10-400mm2. Representing part of the new generation of hydraulic crimpers, the B1350-CE is intended to replace the B135-C range of crimpers.
With 132kN crimping force, the B1350-CE is designed to accept all semi-circular slotted die sets common to the Cembre 130kN tooling range.

The new Li-Ion 18V 4Ah batteries offer higher capacity than previous 14.4V versions, while a greater crimping speed and force result from a revitalised crimping system with double-speed action: A rapid approach of the dies to the lug, then a steady, powerful speed for crimping. LED lights also feature at the front of the tool, illuminating the working area for additional convenience and safety.

Featuring a new OLED display and touch button, the B1350-CE is able to display real-time tool operating information, including:

  • Battery condition
  • Crimping force generated, for confirmation of adherence to norms and best practices
  • Tool identification and serial number
  • Crimp cycle and operations remaining until next service

The B150-CE crimping tool is supplied with a shoulder strap, two 18v batteries, charger and a robust plastic carrying case, suitable for storing the tool and up to 7 die sets.