Cembre LD-16B Battery Rail Drill Hire - ETE Equipment Hire

Cembre LD-16B Battery Rail Drill Hire




  1. Needs no combustible fuel or mains power: the powerful 36V 6.2Ah battery promotes safe remote working
  2. Zero Emissions: no fumes to pollute underground and tunnel working.
  3. Very low acoustic impact: allows night work in urban areas
  4. Low HAV levels: helps safeguard operators physical health
  5. Optimised effort: LED indication of ideal advancing speed during operation conserves power
  6. Powerful LEDs light work area: for precise positioning and safety in the dark
  7. Integrated battery: minimises size and weight
  8. Interlocked switch: to avoid accidental activation
  9. Fast fit broach cutter: compatible with Weldon shank and push/turn fixing types
  10. Rapid charging: 45min for full battery charge



  • Drilling Range: Ø7÷33 mm
  • Speed of the shaft without load: 260 rpm
  • Weight with battery and clamping device DBG-F2: 18,5 kg
  • Dimensions LxPxH: 489 x 261 x 485
  • Battery: 36V-6,2 Ah Li-Ion with LED residual charge indicator



  • Safety alarms by means of flashing LED indicate: max current absorption, battery undervoltage or wrong insertion, diagnostic issue, battery/motor overtemperature, max continuous operating time reached
  • Accepts Weldon shank and push/turn broach cutter fixings
  • A special design of the plastic body optimises motor cooling
  • Multi-function operating button: ON-OFF with interlocking and step function for indexing the shaft.