Access Hire

At Enable Hire we provide both operated & non operated Access hire. We deliver a huge range of specialist Plant and equipment anywhere in the UK. We can promptly deliver access hire anywhere in the UK.

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Access Hire FAQs

Here are the answers to the questions that our customers most often ask. If you would like more information about our services please contact us today.

  • Access hire describes the renting or hiring of plant and tool equipment designed to provide quick, safe access to high places or challenging-to-reach places. Access hire solutions are often required on construction or event sites. Scissor lifts and cherry pickers are examples of access hire solutions that we provide at Enable Hire. When working at a height is necessary, several industries, including construction, maintenance, and installation frequently use access hiring services. Workers may safely access elevated sites by employing access hire equipment from Enable Hire, which boosts productivity and ensures safety when performing jobs that require working at heights.

  • Access hire solutions from Enable Hire can assist your worksite and workforce in a variety of ways. First and foremost, they offer a reliable and safe method for working at heights, lowering the possibility of mishaps and injuries. Employee productivity is increased when they have access to elevated locations where they can do jobs more swiftly and efficiently. Access hire equipment also makes it possible to operate on numerous components of a building or facility that might otherwise be tough or time-consuming. Ultimately the adaptability and flexibility of access hire solutions often result in better project results and less time needed.

  • To maintain a secure working environment when using access hire solutions, there are some safety measures that should be put in place. First and foremost, all operators of the access hire products should receive in-depth instruction to guarantee they are qualified and understand how to operate the machinery safely. At Enable Hire, we perform routine inspections and maintenance checks on our access hire products to find any potential problems and make sure the equipment is in good operating order. Clear safety protocols must be established, including guidelines for using personal protective equipment (PPE) such harnesses and helmets. Overall, to reduce risks and ensure a safe working environment when using access hire, a strong commitment to safety, adherence to laws, and appropriate training are crucial.

  • Depending on the particular needs of your project, you may need a different access hire solution. At Enable Hire we offer scissor lift and cherry picker access hire solutions. For operations that involve great height and demand a sturdy platform, such maintenance, installations, or construction work, a scissor lift is the best option. A cherry picker, is more adaptable for jobs that need for both vertical and horizontal reach. A cherry picker can reach over and around obstacles with the help of its articulating or telescopic arm, making it ideal for jobs like tree cutting, exterior building maintenance and construction in confined or difficult places. If you aren’t sure which access hire solution you need contact our expert team today.