Which industries benefit from welfare vans – and how they use them

Which industries benefit from welfare vans – and how they use them

13 December 2021

They’re not just for building sites! In fact, welfare vans and mobile units are an indispensable resource across a surprisingly wide range of sectors.

For every construction worker taking a break in a unit, you can find an actor or make-up artist doing the same on a film set. Rail and road contractors working in remote places far from local toilets and cafés are heavy welfare van users. And because they are so mobile, welfare vans and towable cabins are frequently in demand in industries where workers must often move location around enormous sites, such as in aerospace, agriculture and quarrying.

Here at Enable Welfare we’re always fascinated to hear how our customers are using our vehicles.

We work extensively with the TV industry. Two recent examples: Enable Welfare supplied the cast of the hit spy thriller TV series Killing Eve, who were working on its still-to-be-screened season 4, and we supplied a unit for a major Netflix production filming on location in central London.

Security firms working on events and utility projects are among our most frequent welfare van hire customers.

And when it comes to the railways, it’s not always rail staff and engineering contractors: our clients have include ecologists carrying out bat surveys for HS2 who needed warm overnight facilities.

Lastly, we’re particularly proud of the fact that our welfare vans have been helping the NHS during the Covid pandemic. We’ve been supplying vans directly to the South East Coast Ambulance Service (SECAmb), who in turn have been sending them to hospitals to be used outside A&E departments, providing hot drinks and toilet facilities while patients and families wait to enter the building. Welfare when it’s needed most!