CCTV Drain & Pipeline Inspection Camera (20m, 30m & 40m) – Recordable Hire - Survey Equipment Hire

CCTV Drain & Pipeline Inspection Camera (20m, 30m & 40m) – Recordable Hire

The tool you need for professional inspection of drains (including 2″, 4″ and larger-sized drains), pipelines and sewerage systems, the TestSafe Drain and Pipeline Inspection camera allows you to detect blockages and other hidden problems within hard-to-access drainage systems as well as ducts, chimneys, machinery and building applications.

This product consists of two parts – a large-size carrying case with integrated video viewfinder and a flexible pushrod borescope camera cable which is fed directly into the drain or system you’re testing. In real-time, the camera feeds high quality video back to the screen, allowing the technician using the system to easily view what’s causing issues.

The included camera is a high quality 1/3 inch Sony CCD with 135° viewing angle to give user a wider field of view inside the drain. The camera head is IP68 rated* and is completely watertight (suitable for direct immersion in liquid)/sealed against the effects of dust and pressure). The camera head is also equipped with 12 high brightness LED lights to illuminate the darkended conditions inside a drain.

When testing drains, this system’s flexible cable makes it easy to get into tight spots where it wouldn’t otherwise be possible. Made of semi-rigid but flexible material, the cable can be bent and moved as needed to get the best possible view, with easy winding system integrated directly into the case for simple extension and retraction.

This camera’s case is more than just a thing to carry the system in; it includes a 7″ colour TFT screen which shows what the camera sees and – at the touch of a button – it’s possible to instantly capture an image or HD quality video. To transfer images and video, simply insert an SD card into the case and plug into your PC after transferring from the system.

*Please note that only the camera head is IP68 rated – the full unit is not.

CCTV Drain & Pipeline Inspection Camera Key Features

  • Professional drain inspection system
  • Your choice of cable length – choose 20m, 30m or 40m, or 40m with a depth indicator
  • High quality 1/3″ Sony CCD camera integrated into the end of the cable
  • 135° camera angle allows a full view of what’s happening inside the drain
  • Camera constructed of stainless steel with IP68 watertight protection for direct submersion in liquids
  • Sapphire glass lens cover with 12 white LED lights to illuminate darkened conditions inside drains
  • Easy cable winding – stainless steel reel can be rotated inside the case as needed
  • Built-in 7″ colour TFT screen inside the carrying case shows real-time video from the camera
  • One touch recording – including HD video
  • Semi-rigid cable – maintains shape when needed, but can be easily bent into difficult applications
  • Rechargeable high capacity battery with average battery life of 8 hours
  • High quality video (HD)
  • Semi-rigid cabling
  • Cable rotates inside case for easy feeding into targeted systems
  • Rechargeable high capacity battery allows 8 hours of use
  • Supplied as standard in a waterproof ABS carrying case – ideal for transportation when finished testing
  • Cable is waterproof down to 20m
  • SD card compatible – capture images and video and transfer to PC

What’s Included?

  • Drain Recordable Pipeline Inspection Camera System
  • Cable Reel – 20m, 30m or 40 – select which length above
  • Rechargeable Battery (can also be powered by the mains)
  • Screwdriver
  • Spare Screw and Rubber Set (for use with camera head)
  • Sony CCD Camera Head
  • 2 x Fuses
  • Remote Control
  • Car Charger
  • AC Adapter
  • Pipe Fitting
  • Spare Camera Shroud
  • User Manual
  • 80mm Skid