CHS Equip Welfare Vans with Covid-19 Prevention Screens

25th January 2021

Welfare Van Hire

CHS is committed to ensuring the upmost safety of your site and its staff. We have therefore been fitting out our fleet of welfare vans with Covid screens to assist in the prevention of potential outbreaks for customers. This mitigates the need for such stringent social distancing measures which would not be possible in a van. By placing a physical barrier between workstations, you are lessening the chance of the virus spread dramatically and creating a safer working environment. This, alongside providing a cleaning/disinfection service before customers receive their welfare vans is just another way we are committed to providing the best quality service to our customers.

With the largest fleet of welfare vans in the South East you can also be assured of a number of impressive features including full canteen facilities (including microwave oven), hot water with full arm-wash sink, toilet and drying room.

Written by Dane Marshall